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Is your check engine light on?

Check engine light on

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We have the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, equipment and software for all makes and models.

Unfortunately we cannot diagnose your vehicle over the phone, but if you bring in your vehicle for a diagnostic scan, we can certainly inform you of what your vehicle needs to be repaired properly. If it is not safe to drive, we can conveniently send out our flat bed tow service to pick up your vehicle and have it brought to our repair facility.

Readout diagnostic scan

Diagnostic system fault codes are stored within your vehicles computer system. From time to time, valid or errant fault codes can be saved in the computer systems memory. Scanning, reading and erasing these codes on a regular basis per the manufacturers’ o.e.m. recommendation can help keep your vehicle in great running condition.

Emissions test diagnostic service

Did your vehicle fail emissions?

We offer emission test diagnostics which includes scanning and diagnosing your vehicle codes.

In addition, we also offer complete vehicle emissions evaporative controlled smoke testing.

Once we diagnose and inspect your vehicle, we can repair to your manufacturers’ o.e.m. specifications.

Located in the Scottsdale Airpark we conveniently serve all of Scottsdale and surrounding metro Phoenix valley area communities. Call 480.588.5274 or contact us today for computerized diagnostic service.

Serving Scottsdale and surrounding communities with computerized diagnostic service.