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Engine oil flush

Benefits of completing an oil system cleaner include:

Our oil system cleaner will safely remove internal sludge deposits as well as improving the circulation of internal engine parts. In addition to rejuvenating your seals and gaskets, our cleaner promotes a more complete drain of used engine oil and restores loss compression due to age of vehicle and mileage driven.

Brake fluid service

Benefits of completing a brake service include:

When you service your brake fluid, also known as a "brake flush", our ASE technicians will remove the old brake fluid from your vehicle by power flushing the system and replacing it with new fluid. This is the best guarantee you can have with the future maintenance and optimization of your brake fluid. Since brake fluid will attract and retain water, the brake fluid and braking system of your entire vehicle is compromised by this water retention.

Coolant service

Most manufacturers recommend coolant to be serviced according the manufacturers’ o.e.m. vehicle specifications as some vehicles do not require this service as often as others. In the state of Arizona, it is recommended that your vehicles coolant system be serviced every 4-years due to the extreme heating conditions we drive in.

Coolant, which is also known as antifreeze, protects your radiator and engine from corrosion and freezing as well as raising the boiling point. This service will flush your radiator, engine and heater core, which will in turn return the clogged passages in your vehicle’s radiator to a like new condition.

Your vehicle contains a number of aluminum parts. The use of aluminum components in your motor vehicle engine requires that anti-corrosion / antifreeze / coolant used in such engines be specially formulated to protect aluminum parts. Failure to use such anti-corrosion / antifreeze / coolant may result in a significantly shortened mechanical service life.

Proper o.e.m. recommended coolant must be used year round in Arizona to provide the necessary corrosion and boil over protection your vehicle needs.

We recommend replacing the coolant at the service interval specified in your manufacturers supplied vehicle manual.

Benefits of completing a cooling system flush include:

Our cooling system flush will remove grease, corrosion, rust scale and scum which can prevent overheating.

Our coolant system fortifier and conditioner contains water pump lubricant and protects against rust and corrosion. By protecting your aluminum radiator and all working parts made of aluminum, brass, iron and other metal parts found within your engine.

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